Anastasia Moskalenko

Castro Valley, California, USA
I am willing to help young children in their academics. Because I believe that everybody must have a chance to be successful in their academic, I will do my best as a volunteering tutor. I was born on the 17th of September in 2008. Since 5th grade, I have been interested in biology. In middle school, I took high school courses on biology, and I deeply studied such fields as zoology and anatomy. Recently, I finished an in-depth genetics course. I am a winner of lots of Math Olympiads. Even though I am still in middle school, I took many a-g courses. My GPA is 4.08, which means that I have A's in all the courses I took. I have a college level in English and Mathematics. Being in middle school, I studied most of the school program for 9th grade. I studied Mandarin Chinese for 6 years and my level is HSK3 (out of 6 levels possible). After studying Spanish for two years, I have a level of A2-B1 on the CEFR scale. I also won several Oral competitions and I played in a children's theater for two years. My drawing was on the front page of the school's yearbook twice. I also got an honorable mention (which is equal to third place) in the regional stage in the scholastic arts and writing award. Besides this, I won several national awards in piano playing. In addition, I have won several chess competitions.

If you want to have a lesson with me, please email me via email and we will set up a time that works for both of us

PLEASE BE ON TIME! My own schedule is very busy. I will stop waiting after 15 minutes.

Please be as precise as possible when telling me what you want to study. For example, “Math 4th grade” isn’t enough: there are a lot of topics in 4th grade math.

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  • Vladimir Moskalenko
    Posted August 13, 2022 4:00 pm 5Likes

    Awesome tutor! Explains everything perfectly!

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