Ethan Qu

I'm currently enrolled in Basis Independent Silicon Valley's Pre-Calsulus AB course and also participate in their Upper School Math Circle. In addition, I attend Russian School of Math's Calsulus AB program. I am also a part of Think Academy's Spring 2023 block. I'm also in NeoLogic Math School's Competition Geometry course. I got Honor Roll in last year's AMC10 test and was qualified in AIME. I scored 6 points in this year's AIME test. Last year, I attended the BMT and scored 19 points on the General Exam, which put me in the Top 20%. This month, I attended the SMT and scored 15 points on the General Round, which also put me in the Top 20%. In 2020, I attended the Math Kangaroo and got a full score, achieving National Rank 1. I've also attended the IMC (International Math Contest) and the NLMC (Noetic Learning Math Contest) and achieved Gold and National Honor Roll, respectively.
Subjects: Math
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