Gurchit Singh

Pleasanton, CA, United States
Hi, I am a driven and motivated Amador Valley High School Freshman with an Honor Roll from First grade to the Present. I enjoy working with other students and creating a positive atmosphere to help them achieve their goals. The following experiences showcase my leadership skills, teamwork, and achievements: 1. In 7th grade, I started a Rubrik's cube club of 15 students at Hopkins Junior High. Gave them cubes, ideas, and resources to solve the cube and hosted in-school Rubrik cube-friendly competitions. My "Never Give Up" motto, and problem-solving techniques inspired them. 2. Currently in a double accelerated Math pathway and studying Algebra II in the school curriculum. 3. Gave several performances as the Viola principal chair in my Elementary and Junior High orchestra programs. I am currently with the High School Orchestra and look forward to auditioning for Youth Orchestra this year. 4. Have two years of debate experience with Golden State Academy.
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