Sam Saunders

My name is Sam Saunders, and I attend California high school in San Ramon, California. Academics have always been a massive part of my life, and I inspire to help others reach that level of understanding they would like. I currently have a 3.9 GPA and have taken two years of honors English, one year of honors chemistry, and one year of honors physics. In terms of leadership, I have been the event coordinator for my model UN team at school for two years and started a mental health awareness campaign at my Valley Christian high school in 10th grade. I have also been part of the California scholarship Federation since the seventh grade, and in my day-to-day life, I try to go out of my way to help struggling students with their homework or classwork. I have taken several TA classes in middle and high school to continue helping other kids. Some of my areas of expertise include life sciences and English; however, I am also proficient in math and history.
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