Vladimir Moskalenko

Castro Valley, California, United States of America
My name is Vladimir Moskalenko, and I am a rising junior at Connecting Waters East Bay. I am eager to help kids in several important subjects: programming, math, and chess as they are all interesting for me and I excel in these subjects. I have studied chess at the Berkeley Chess School for 3 years, passing all levels, and am currently learning from a chess master. I have got a 4 GPA (all A’s or A+’s) for all the courses I have been enrolled in the past. In addition to that, I am also dual-enrolled in Las Positas College. I also competed in programming, math, English, piano, chess and physics, winning most of them. These include Math Kangaroo, AMC8, and some international olympiads.

Please describe the subject in more detail, for example “Fractions, 7th grade” instead of “Math”

If you sign up for a lesson, please don’t forget about it. You can set a reminder, alarm, etc. I am usually waiting for 5-15 minutes after the beginning of lessons. If you need to change the schedule, please e-mail me at leas 12 hours before the beginning of the lesson at galprop08@gmail.com

Please, respect the tutor’s time!

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  • Vladimir Moskalenko
    Posted August 13, 2022 3:59 pm 0Likes

    Great tutor!

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