JuniorCoach National Outstanding Volunteer Award

JuniorCoach provides scholarships to outstanding volunteers. We generously honor the leadership and creativity of middle, high school and college students.
We distribute scholarships based on the contributions of each volunteer to the organization.

*Awards amount
Each year, “JuniorCoach National Outstanding Volunteer Award” will be awarding in scholarship to one JuniorCoach.

To qualify you must:
• Must be a JuniorCoach volunteer for at least two consecutive years
• Contributed at least 250 volunteer hours per year
• Have a minimum 3.5 GPA

Personal achievements in volunteer work and write a personal essay.

*How it works
JuniorCoach members who are currently in middle, high school or college students who have a minimum 3.5 GPA are welcome to apply. All online scholarship applications will be reviewed by our board members. From there, a selected group will move to an interview process. The final scholarship recipients will be notified after the interviews are conducted.

The open date for application is 10/6 every year.
Deadline is 10/16 every year.