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A devotion to community, commitment to educational accessibility, and a belief that all kids deserve support. 

These are the values that our JuniorCoaches stand by. Whether you’re a high school student who wants to share your passions in high school to a curious elementary school student, or a college student who wants to help more kids enter your field of study, our organization welcomes your celebration of learning and of teaching. 

As a JuniorCoach, you will be the most important and valuable part of the organization. You will be the leaders changing students’ lives, expanding their world views, challenging their preconceptions, and above all, being their mentor and supportive friend. Remember that for many schools, students don’t receive much individual attention and only very few get the help they truly need. You will be the people they come to for questions, advice, and mentorship.

  • Knowledge of subject matter that you intend to teach
  • Ability to effectively communicate with students and families as well as respond to their chat messages and/or emails
  • Application of different learning strategies including active learning and peer-to-peer techniques
  • Ability to listen and answer questions during tutoring sessions
  • Set goals and/or expectations during the first few sessions
  • Be caring, supportive, and patient with students
  • Able to teach students that are both younger or in the same grade
  • Minimum 3.5 unweighted GPA 
  • Must be at least in 8th grade and at most in college
  • Must be responsible, trustworthy, passionate and dedicated
  • Highly preferred if applicant is a community/school leader

Benefits of Being a JuniorCoach!

Get Official Volunteer Hours.

JuniorCoach is an official 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is eligible to grant volunteer hours. Whether you have a school requirement, a job requirement, or other, we will be happy to sign off any forms you request so that you get the hours you served recognized.

Presidential Service Award + Scholarships.

JuniorCoach is a Certified Presidential Service Award Organization, meaning it is one of the select few organizations that can register you for the Presidential Volunteer Service Award. All the hours you complete at JuniorCoach can help you get closer to acquiring this prestigious honor. JuniorCoach will also be awarding organizational honors and scholarships that will aid you in your schooling journey.

Service Recommendations and College Resources.

JuniorCoach will be happy to provide written recommendations and other materials you need for application season, whether that means for college or for summer programs. As long as you were a trustworthy and dedicated JuniorCoach, we will accept your request.

Building Relationships with Other JuniorCoaches and Students.

You will be working with your student one-on-one, and every challenge that your student faces will be your own challenge. But every success that your student achieves will also be your success. You will bond with your students as their mentor, and even as their role model. You can also connect with other JuniorCoaches from all around the globe and share your stories with like-minded yet diverse people.

Flexibility in Scheduling

We understand that you are a student and you have your own homework, schoolwork, extracurriculars, and family duties. Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering flexibility in our scheduling. As a JuniorCoach, we only ask a minimum of 4 lessons in a maximum span of 1 month. That’s 2 hours you spend for JuniorCoach in a whole month. This means you can fulfill this requirement in just a day and relax for the rest of the month, or you can space it out the entirety of the one month span It’s up to you!

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Our Community!

If you reviewed the information above and you want to join the JuniorCoach community, we would be lucky to have you! The JuniorCoach application can be accessed here. Don’t stress out about it; it’s just meant for us to see if your personality and skills match with our own!

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