President’s Volunteer Service Award–Accepting Applications: Now until 7/30

JuniorCoach  is a President’s Volunteer Service Award Certified Organization. Qualifying volunteers can earn the Gold, Silver, or Bronze level award from volunteering under our organization based on their volunteer service hours in a 12-month period.

The annual Presidential Volunteer Award has begun to accept applications. From now until July 30, all volunteers who have completed the required number of hours for the Presidential Volunteer Award within a year can apply.

How to apply

01 Fill out the log form

Fill out all information required on your volunteer log form. Email your finished form to

02 Checking hours

After receiving your log form, JuniorCoach staff will help you check the volunteer hours filled in. If the hours are correct, the staff will sign and return the confirmed form.

03 Fill out registration form

After reciving your checked and signed log form back, you may submit your regitration request here:

*The applicant is responsible for postage. JuniorCoach will cover the registration fees as our thanks to you for volunteering with us.


Q:Can JuniorCoach provide proof of volunteer work required by school?

A:Generally, the proof of volunteer required by the school can be signed by JuniorCoach, or you can email the school and CC us for a reply.

Q:When do I need a proof of volunteer work?

A:When required by the school or when the number of volunteer hours is sufficient to apply for the Presidential Volunteer Award.

Q:Do I need to sign a volunteer certificate every time I finish volunteering?

A:No. When you need a volunteer certificate, we can sign all your volunteer hours to you in one go.

Q:How do I obtain a proof of volunteer?

A:Please find and print the JuniorCoach Volunteer Form on our official website, fill in the contents according to the requirements in the form, sign and write the date. Email the completed form to Please use the same email address you used to register as a volunteer for us to check.

Q:Am I eligible to apply as a volunteer teacher and apply for the Presidential Volunteer Award through JuniorCoach?

A:Serious and responsible students above 8th grade can join us to be a volunteer teachers. Applicants for the US President’s Volunteer Award must be US citizens or green card holders.

Q:When do I apply?

A:JuniorCoach sends out the application link for the Presidential Volunteer Award on their website and social media groups in mid-June every year.

Q:If I have volunteer time in other organizations, can I apply for the Presidential Volunteer Award at the same time?

A:Yes, but applicants must complete at least 75% of their volunteer time at JuniorCoach

Q:How do I know how much volunteer time I have completed?

A:All volunteer teachers are requested to record and keep their volunteer hours on the JuniorCoach Volunteer Form. There are all volunteer hours in our website system, but the background volunteers are only responsible for checking signatures.

Q:The school’s leadership campaign needs a letter of recommendation from a volunteer organization. Can JuniorCoach help write a letter of recommendation?

A:JuniorCoach is happy to write rercommendations for our responsible volunteers.

Q:I am a Canadian citizen and am not eligible for the U.S. Presidential Volunteer Award citizenship or green card holder status. Can I apply for other JuniorCoach awards?

A:Yes, JuniorCoach has the annual Outstanding Youth Volunteer Award and provides a certain number of scholarships, regardless of national borders. We will send links on the website and in the group at the specific time. All responsible volunteer teachers are welcome.  

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