Ariana Corbu

San Jose, California, United States
I am a freshman at Evergreen Valley High School, maintaining a 4.0 GPA. I love helping my younger brother with his homework and extracurriculars. Therefore, I look forward to expanding my passion for tutoring through being a JuniorCoach, helping you or your child with academics. Outside of tutoring, I enjoy competitive speech and debate, championing at Berkeley and ranking in the top 16 out of 265 competitors at Stanford. This year, I have qualified to the Tournament of Champions, the most elite level of competition for High School Debaters. Additionally, I play three instruments: piano, flute, and dizi (a Chinese transverse flute.) I have even passed Level 9 of the Certificate of Merit Exam for piano with state honors!
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  • Ishani Manral
    Posted March 17, 2024 12:37 pm 1Likes

    Highly reccomend Ariana! Shes so helpful and helped me get all A’s this year. She makes sure you understand everything! 🙂

    Posted March 17, 2024 7:54 pm 1Likes

    Ariana is a great tutor and I recommend her! She’s patient and has helped me with my speech, debate, and writing for two years.😀

    • ENYA YU
      Posted March 17, 2024 7:56 pm 1Likes

      She is sure to make me understand everything! Worth five stars and if possible, more!!!

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