Aryav Semwal

San Ramon, California, United States
I am an 8th-grade student at Windemere Ranch middle school, and I am passionate about helping others in need. Math, Science and History are my favorite subjects. In school, I am a member of the Peer Tutoring program. I am enrolled in the mentoring section, where I help the sixth graders that need help with schoolwork. I am also in CJSF club in school where I participate in community service projects. I am also a scout in Boy Scout of America which gives me opportunity to learn important life skills, outdoor adventure and leadership skill. I enjoy participating in speech and debate competition, and won second place award in a recent inter-school competition. In my free time, I love to read books, learn computer programming and hang out with my friends. I look forward to being a JuniorCoach to continue helping others.
Subjects: History, Math, Science
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