Christy Ng

Hi there! My name is Christy Ng, and I am an enthusiastic junior in high school. I specialize in English, history, 1st-8th grade math, Photoshop, Chinese, and dance. Tutoring is not new to me; I had the opportunity to tutor classes of 10+ people in Hong Kong, and I'm sure I can apply those same leadership skills here. I'm willing to go the extra mile to ensure people are improving and learning all that they can. I have been a competitive dance team captain for 3 years now, and some of the skills I have refined with this experience include transparent communication, time management, the responsibility of following through with tasks, and learning to be patient when working with others. We also have a mentorship program for younger dancers at my studio, so I've learned to work with people of all ages and personalities. I have helped mentor some freshmen at my high school, giving them school tours, answering questions, or just being a friend.
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