Gabriel Fang

I am a high school student at Hunter College High School. I worked in the NYC food pantry volunteer program through AFI and UA3 throughout the summer of 2022, and I received the Presidential Service Award Volunteering Silver. I have developed a love for math at school, and I enjoy using my enthusiasm to inspire my peers by participating in the math peer tutoring program. I also participate in my school’s orchestra and chamber music programs. Playing music not only makes me happy, but it also enables me to entertain my elder family members and autistic sibling. It is very satisfying to see them happy, and it makes our relationship stronger. I am a current staff writer for my school newspaper and I love using my writing to share my knowledge and entertain people while encouraging my peers to feel united. I was also the 2022 NYC Spelling Bee Champion, and I hope to share my love for writing and spelling with younger kids. Looking ahead, I am excited to join the Junior Coach Organization.
Subjects: Math, Writing
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