Hannah Jacob

Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m 15 years old and I teach beginner piano. A little bit about myself— - I go to California High School and some of my hobbies include piano, swimming, improv, and drawing - I’ve played piano for 10 years now (starting at age 5) - I play contemporary music but recently I’ve been playing more classical music - These are the piano books I own for beginners - The Alfred’s *Prep Course* Books of both Lesson and Solo from levels B-D - The Alfred’s *Basic Piano Library* Lesson Book of Level 1B, 2, and 3 - The Alfred's *Basic Piano Library* Solo Book of Level 1B and 3 - The Alfred's *Basic Piano Library* Fun Book of Level 2 and 3 - Piano Town Books Lesson, Performance, and Theory of Levels Primer Level and Level 1 - Chord Time Piano Books Rock n' Roll Level 2A - Chord Time Piano Books Popular Level 2B - Chord Time Piano Books Classics of Level 2B and 3A-3B - Piano Adventures Lesson, Performance, and Theory of Primer Level - Piano Adventures Lesson, Performance, Theory, and Technique & Artistry of Level 1 - I would like my students to own at least 1 set of the books I own so that I can keep track of what they are playing too, as this is an online class. If your child doesn’t have any music books, I recommend starting with Alfred’s or Piano Adventures. - *I would also like that my students to know how to read basic sheet music* **When messaging me, please text me the name of your child, their age, and the books that you have available with you, to help me prepare ahead for your first class** - I can't wait to join your child's journey on their music car
Subjects: Piano
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