Ishan Joshi

My name is Ishan Joshi, and I am a sophomore at Amador Valley High School in AP Calculus BC and AP Computer Science. I really enjoy math and have participated in recreational and competitive math for nearly 5 years now. I am an Intl. Math Contest Round 2 qualifier and medalist. However, my favorite area of mathematics is helping those around me achieve mastery of various math content. I am the President of a math organization where I create curriculum and teach large groups of students on a regular basis I also have a profound interest in science. Particularly, I enjoy physics, computer science, environmental science/ecological biology, as well as geography. I have participated in a number of science-related activities, such as the Intl. Astronomy and Astrophysics Competition, where I received a Bronze Honor, and the Intl. Geography Championships. I am very excited to work with students to achieve mastery of STEM content!
Subjects: Math
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