Jianyuan Feng

Pearland, Texas, US
I am an all A pupil at Glenda Dawson High School. I am experienced in Robotics and Machine Learning and am good at Maths. I am in my school district's robotics team, my school's UIL Computer Science Team and two honor societies. I have had some experience tutoring Math and English.
Subjects: Math
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6th Grade Math Syllabus

  • Class 1 Fractions
  • Class 2 Algebra
  • Class 3 Ratios
  • Class 4 Percentages
  • Class 5 Distance, Time & Speed
  • Class 6 Angles in Geometrical Figures.
  • Class 7 Circles.
  • Class 8 Area & Perimeter of Composite Figures
  • Class 9 Pie Chart
  • Class 10 Solid Figures & Nets
  • Class 11 Volume of Cubes & Cuboids.

Class Materials


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