Kathryn Stevens

I work as a babysitter of a 2nd grader and kindergartner. I also babysit a toddler. I have been babysitting for around a year and I LOVE it! I foster dogs and cats and so far I have fostered 14 animals from the Pleasanton Humane society. I have a younger cousin (10) who I love to play and hang out with. I am interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, I love to help others, and I love hanging out with little kids! If one were to ask my friends to describe me with a few words, they'd probably describe me as a smart, responsible, and calm friend who loves to read. I have always held a significant interest in reading and literature, and I especially love poetry and fiction novels in the bildungsroman genre. Despite my love for literature, my current favorite subjects at school are physics and statistics, which I find both to be very challenging yet, in a way, fun!
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