Michele Yang

Dublin, California, United States of America
Hello! Being an older sister, I've been helping my siblings with their academics, such as math, english, history; science, and ballet for years. I hope to help improve others too! I have a GPA of 3.86, and have been tutoring my own younger sisters for their entire lives so far. If you become my student I can help you with your main academics, such as math, English, history and science. If you are a ballet dancer like me I can also help you with ballet. I go to a RAD ballet school and I've been dancing for 5 years. I have also been cooking for about 5 years, so I can also teach you the basics and a bit more for cooking.

I can teach all types of math from geometry, algebra 1 and below.

For English, I can teach anything between TPECPEC paragraphs to dialectical journals and below.

My science has always been going pretty well. I can teach 9th grade biology and basic science for the younger grades.

I can teach basic US history, mostly about the revolution. As for other countries, I know bits and pieces about them.

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