Rishi Gupta

Hello everyone, my name is Rishi Gupta, and I am a rising sophomore at Basis Independent Fremont, CA. I have been tutoring Computer Science, math, science, and chess both within and outside of school for the past year. Computer Science: My passion for programming and Computer Science started back in 5th grade, and I have been actively engaged in these subjects ever since. Math: In terms of mathematics, I have participated in various math competitions such as MOEMS, Math League, AMC, Mathcounts, and BMT, consistently achieving high scores. Additionally, I successfully completed AP Calculus AB in my freshman year. Chess: I have been playing chess since kindergarten. Last year, I founded a chess club at my school, and I also hosted chess tournaments, both of which turned out to be a huge success. In addition to my school activities, I have valuable experience working with younger children through my volunteer work in Boys Scouts, where I regularly assume leadership roles and guide junior scouts.
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