Vanessa Zhou

I am a 9th grader currently attending Westlake High School and I am very interested in STEM-related subjects including math, science, and chess. I joined John Hopkin’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY) in 2018 (5th grade). I got 2nd place in the Ventura Chapter MATHCOUNTS Invitational in 2020 (7th grade) and entered the MATHCOUNTS state competition for both 7th and 8th grade. In addition, I got into the national honor roll for AMC8, the achievement roll for AMC10, and the national honor roll for Noetic Math. Aside from math, I also play chess and piano competitively. For chess, I am in the top 10 girls (currently ranked #6) for girls my age in the whole country, the top 100 for boys and girls my age, and top 70 for girls under age 21. For piano, I recently was selected to play in the MTAC Convention recital along with getting into branch and state honors. In my free time, I like to read, play online chess, play basketball with my friends, and volunteer at various clubs in my high school.
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