Aarya Raghavan

Fremont, California , United States
My name is Aarya Raghavan. I will be a freshman at Irvington High School this coming August. I hold a 1st degree black belt in TaeKwonDo and have been playing piano for nine years. Additionally, I have gained experience in tutoring students of various ages in subjects such as piano, flute, math, and arts. Throughout middle school, I have been an officer in the leadership program, engaging with fellow students and organizing events like spirit days and socials. Previously, I was part of the Tri-City Band Officer Team, where I improved my communication skills by emailing and coordinating with students. Currently, I also support my younger brother with math and English concepts. Furthermore, I am proficient in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Sanskrit, and basic Spanish. With JuniorCoach, I am eager to leverage my skills and experience to help students achieve their academic goals and gain a deeper understanding of various subjects.
Subjects: English, Flute, Math, Science
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