Sahaana Vasudevan

I am an 8th grader currently attending Iron Horse Middle School. I am very interested in math and computer science. I am doing 10th-grade math at my school (Geometry), which is the highest course offered to 8th graders. I have also received the “Highest Scorer” award for the prestigious Math Olympiad competition at my school. Aside from math, I am super passionate about computer science. I am a two-time national winner of a computer science competition. I created two projects that would make an impact on our society. One was for bicyclist safety and the other was to prevent drug usage. I am a leadership student at Iron Horse Middle School (7th and 8th grade), which gives me prior experience in facilitating tasks. Moreover, I am the Activities Director of the California Junior Scholarship Federation, which is all about helping the community! All in all, I am ready to share my knowledge and be a Junior Coach!
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  • Pranav Vasudevan
    Posted December 17, 2022 11:52 am 0Likes

    Highly Recommended!

    Sahaana Vasudevan has been very patient with my kindergartener. He is making a tremendous amount of improvement after working with her. He enjoys every session with her and looks forward to it. Overall, Sahaana is a very patient, knowledgeable tutor who teacher every lesson in a fun creative way! It is wonderful working with her!

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