Wade Cheng

Hello! I'm Wade, and I'll be tutoring for flute and computer science. In middle school, I was chosen to be one of the few students to represent my school in the AMC 8 math competition. I've also taken many advanced math and computer science courses, and I've obtained high grades in all of them. Currently, I'm pursing a few personal programming projects such as designing a Discord bot and making a text-based adventure game using Python. Also, this is my eighth year playing the flute! Recently, I've joined my high school's marching and symphonic band, which provides a rich experience in music as well. I love these subjects, and I've put time into mastering them. It would be my pleasure to pass on my knowledge of these subjects to you.
Subjects: Coding, Flute

“There is a disk: twelve inches in diameter, plated in gold. It contains human existence.”

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